Azure IoT data hub 8 week implementation


Implement a generic IoT data hub using IOT Edge, IoT Hub, Data Explorer, Azure Functions supporting a large number of devices and high available mission critical systems

Support a smart device IoT data platform using Azure IoT components. A generic platform for processing IoT data using Azure IoT hub, Azure IoT edge, Azure Device Provisioning Service, Azure Event Grid, Azure Functions, Azure PaaS Postgres, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Timeseries Insight, Streaming Analytics, Azure Monitoring and Azure Security Center. The platform is the linking pin between a large number of diverse IoT devices and centralized data processing and actions for field devices.
A solution supporting a multitude of devices and protocols. The platform is based on Azure PaaS components making very flexible an easily expandable. Supporting connectors for MQTT, ModBus, Scada, PLC and a wide range of back end systems such as SAP, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. The implementation of the base version of this platform is done in 8 weeks.

Deliverables of this implementation:

  • Iot platform architecture with connection to existing back-end systems
  • device connectivity with IoT hub
  • device provisioning service
  • Data cleaning and data processing
  • offload data to a data lake or a back-end system via an API