Smart Energy Grid using IoT Hub, Azure Functions and Event Grid : 8-week implementation


Azure Smart Energy Grid IoT Data Hub, fast and scalable data hub for energy networks data processing (8 week implementation) - District heating, Solar, Wind Turbine, Electrical and Battery

This smart energy grid offers continuous processing of bi-directional messages in a large-scale energy network. The solution offers high-frequency processing of smart metering telemetry data and the delivery of steering messages to the energy devices. This enables the user to gain almost real-time insight into the state, health, and condition of the energy network and automatically balance, adjust and steer the network when needed. The solution supports processing data from district heating, solar, wind, and battery energy sources as well as the demand side in the form of electrical boilers, EV Charging poles, and domestic heating systems.

This solution offers fast, highly scalable, and secure data exchange between all devices in the energy network, using Microsoft Azure PaaS components. It enables the user to connect to a variety of sensors using Zwave, Modbus, MBus RTU, OPC, MQTT, Opentherm, proprietary bus protocols, mbus, and P1. The solution not only reads data from these sensors but is also able to steer energy devices by sending messages back to energy assets. The solution can process data with a sampling frequency of every minute and a roundtrip data processing latency of fewer than 3 seconds. On top of this, the solution offers logic to detect anomalies and automatically create and resolve service tickets in the asset maintenance system. The smart energy grid solution is offered as a SaaS service and integrated into your Azure subscription. The service has a proven track record of processing high-frequency sensor data from a large-scale energy network and can scale up hundreds of thousands of devices and process hundreds of millions of messages a day. The smart energy grid realized a significant reduction in CO2 emission, large-scale savings in energy leakage, and increased the usage of sustainable energy significantly by fast switching between different energy sources. This contributed to the goals set in the energy transition and added to the financial bottom line of the businesses using this solution. The outcome of this solution is a working data hub for fast exchange of sensors and steering data within the energy grid giving you near real-time insight into the status of your assets and the control to steer asset performance towards sustainable energy when needed.

Deliverables are:

  • connected sensors to an Azure IoT hub and a time-series database
  • connect sensor data with logic in azure functions.
  • analysis report on the major anomalies and notifications.
  • configure alerts and notifications to energy management systems.
  • processing and delivery of steering messages back towards the energy devices.

Pricing is dependent on the number of workshops needed to determine the business logic, number of sensor types, the types of protocol, number of devices, and the local connectivity.