Connected App Development

Concurrency, Inc.

Building end-to-end ground-up applications from the mobile/web interface to the connected endpoint or business system on Azure

Concurrency builds end-to-end applications for web/mobile on Azure PaaS and container services which interact with IoT or business system endpoints to form a complete business solution. Concurrency facilitates the complete product development journey with a customer to understand requirements, design the architecture, and build on Microsoft Well Architected and Cloud Adoption frameworks to create a tailored application using scalable, secure, and capable platforms. This includes:

  • Capturing ideation sessions from the Innovation Jumpstart / App of the Future program
  • Creation of sprint framework for product development exercises
  • Alignment of sprint team and customer RACI
  • Definition of functional requirements during each sprint
  • Population of backlog items in sprints for future work
  • Build of product capabilities in alignment with Microsoft Well Architected Framework
  • Sprint review of Azure application capabilities built in the sprint
  • Review of connected app