Application Identity Development

Concurrency, Inc.

Implement the identity layer of complex business applications leveraging Azure AD for consumer and business users

Concurrency designs and implements the identity layer of complex business applications using Azure AD B2C/B2B to facilitate a single, secure, identity platform for interacting with users and providing a complete user experience. The project includes the analysis of the identity layer of the application, design of the future state identity solution, and the build of the identity solution. This may also include capabilities integrated with Azure AD, such as integration of security validation, magic link, and conditional access. This includes:

  • Analysis of the identity layer of the application for consumers or business-to-business
  • Design of the appropriate identity solution (Azure AD B2B/B2C) for the use case
  • Population of a project backlog and plan for implementation
  • Agreement with customer on solution
  • Build of identity layer in iterative steps based on Azure AD B2B/B2C
  • Review of identity layer iterations in sprint reviews
  • Education of the customer on deployed solution