Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing - 10 week POC

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Insure manufacturing up-time and plant floor efficiency. Avoid cascading costly equipment failures and production interruptions.

The Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing Framework is a double return. First this can be a cost savings engagement by applying to your manufacturing floor to create manufacturing processes that do not go down and keep manufacturing humming. Additionally this engagement can be a revenue producer by including the technology in the products you deliver to your customers and bringing new carry-on service revenue.

Define Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing Framework leveraging Azure - Cloud Native Apps w/ AI, Kubernetes, Azure Cosmos DB / PostgreSQL.

Azure IoT Azure ML Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Azure Synapse Analytics Databricks PowerBI

Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing Framework to build more agile factories.

Azure - Cloud Native Apps w/ AI, Azure Cosmos DB / PostgreSQL, Azure IoT, Azure ML, Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks, PowerBI