AI for Good - Product Picking - 10 Week POC

Concurrency, Inc.

Improved picking efficiency ability of employee individuals with cognitive disabilities

AI for Good is an open source project available to anyone who wants to create a workplace environment that is the best place to work among any of its competition. AI FOR GOOD leverages a mixed-reality platform leveraging a multi-component scanner, headset, visual and audio input that instructs the worker on where they should go, when, and how, augmenting it with quality control, location awareness, and easy scanning capabilities. This idea is implemented in production with individuals with cognitive disabilities such as down syndrome or autism - this can provide a new set of workers to your business that are easier to find, hire and retain.

Build more agile factories and transform your workforce. Leverage Microsoft Azure to deliver accessibility, transparency and inclusivity. Improved picking efficiency ability of employee individuals with cognitive disabilities.


  • A mixed reality platform that leverages a hand-attached scanner, headset and visual and audio input to assist individuals with warehouse operations *Leverage Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Azure ML, Azure Speech and location awareness
  • Microsoft AI guides cognitively disabled employee to where they should go, when to go, how to go and finally how many items to pick


  • Created code is available open source for any manufacturer to use to create similar opportunities
  • More agile warehouse operations
  • The technology expands workplace opportunities among individuals who might not otherwise be able to perform this work while providing organizations with an expanded workforce from which to employ 

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