Azure OpenAI - 1 week workshop

Concurrency, Inc.

Azure OpenAI for specific customer business outcome scenarios.

This workshop offers structured guidance on developing your Innovation strategy using Microsoft Azure OpenAI and Cloud Scale Databases and Machine Learning.

Azure OpenAI is a powerful tool with a wide range of potential uses. Its ability to generate human-like text and understand natural language has opened up new possibilities for customer service, content generation, and language translation. Additionally, the theoretical future uses of Azure OpenAI in fields such as mental health, education, and healthcare have the potential to revolutionize these industries and improve the lives of individuals.

Azure OpenAI customer business outcome scenarios may include: • Customer Service Request Automation • Order Status and Action • Sales Quoting Acceleration • Data Mining • Q&A • Invoice Processing Automation

Design and Architect Azure OpenAI roadmap through: • Envisioning Session around customer domain specific data resources • Scenario evaluation • Pilot • Production iteration roadmap

Special design considerations for: • Custom Learning • GPT + Cognitive Services • CoE for Compliance, Governance, Security

Azure OpenAI Azure OpenAI - Chat GPT
Azure AI Azure ML Natural Language Processing (NLP) Azure Conversational AI services Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Azure Synapse Analytics Databricks Modern Data Framework (MDF) PowerBI Chat GPT