Solution Assessment for Application Innovation Engagement: 2 weeks

Concurrency, Inc.

An in-depth, code-level modernization analysis of a targeted set of applications complete with a migration plan

The Azure Application Innovation Engagement delivers an in-depth analysis of up to 5 applications spanning ~25 VM’s and 5 databases including deployable architecture design and migration plan to modernize applications to a production ready PAAS solution in Azure. The Engagement is broken out into two key milestones.

Concurrency's experts focus on enterprise development of Azure native components such as App Services, Serverless Compute, Event driven workloads, containers and more using .NET.

Milestone 1: Architecture design specific to up to 5 applications spanning ~25 VM’s and 5 databases. • Executive summary • Customer business objectives • Scope of project • Azure cost consumption estimates • Reference architecture design focused on PaaS solution in production-ready environment • Customer sign-off on architecture design Milestone 2: Migration Plan • Detailed plan with timelines, roles, and responsibilities (partner, customer, Microsoft) for a production ready PAAS environment • Gap analysis of current governance principles (security, identity, cost, deployment acceleration) specific to application being modernized

Executive Summary – overview of engagement scope, customer objectives, and recommendations for next steps • Azure service and architecture design recommendations for production ready PaaS environment for selected application(s) • Migration/modernization plan for selected application(s) • Azure consumption estimates for Azure (PAYG, AHUB, RI over 1 and 3 years) • Governance analysis & landing zone recommendations related to applications in scope • Proposal for additional services to modernize application to a PAAS solution in Azure

The Application Innovation Engagement is split into two different phases of work effort: Phase 1: Ideate and Architecture Design (supporting production ready PAAS Solution) Phase 2: CAF Gap Analysis, Migration Plan and Partner SOW for modernization of Apps to PAAS in a production ready environment

There will be one payment to support the entirety of the Engagement. Proof of Execution (POE) Deliverables include: • Phase 1 (Architecture Design) and • Phase 2 (CAF Gap Analysis, Migration Plan and Partner SOW for modernization of Apps to PAAS in a production ready environment)