IAM for Higher Education: 2-day Discovery Workshop

Condatis Group Limited

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to implement our decentralized solutions within any higher education institution’s IT landscape.

Condatis offer Identity and Access Management solutions based on Microsoft Azure technology; our tailored solutions integrate with various technologies and combine decentralized and centralized identity solutions. We are a world leading identity and security specialist, a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of four Microsoft global partners selected for Verifiable Credentials consultancy.

Condatis Student Passport leverages decentralized identity technologies to offer education providers optimised student enrolment & movement. This technology can be integrated with existing enrolment, IT and record keeping procedures and systems to issue secure digital proofs of identity and attainment within secure mobile wallets held by the student themselves.

The Condatis Student Passport also provides seamless student identity verification across distributed campuses using standard mobile devices and digital wallets. Common credentials for students will likely include digital badging credentials, and digital transcripts. Multiple data sources can be queried to generate credentials and build the students a digital backpack, supporting them throughout their student journey.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to implement our decentralized solutions within any institution’s IT landscape. Focusing on students, we’ll put student experience at the forefront. This solution focuses on the now, but looking beyond the current climate, it enables students throughout their full student lifecycle.

Through this work, Condatis will deliver:

X2 half-day discovery workshops diving deeper into the fundamentals of Azure AD Verifiable Credentials and the Decentralized Identity ecosystem and subsequently ascertain your current and future business requirements.


  • Day 1: Half Day Discovery workshop: Azure AD Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identity
  • Day 2: Half Day Discovery workshop: Your current and future business requirements

Write-up activity:

  • Scoping and recommendation document.
  • Documentation to enable the institution to solve the initial business challenges.
  • Recommendations for the institution to proceed to implementation.
  • Order of magnitude document for initial phase of implementation and subsequent phases. Documentation limited to one iteration.
  • Knowledge transfer session.
  • Timeboxed ½ day to facilitate and deliver knowledge transfer.