Strategic Analysis and Reporting in Azure: Implementation

ConnectPoint Sp. z o.o.

Reliable reporting and analytics in real-time for your organization

The solution is an Azure cloud-based and scalable reporting process, which helps business users to make data-driven strategic decisions. The end-to-end process includes batch data ingestion, storage, analytical processing and visualisation using the Power BI tool and self-service user portal. Reporting supports data source updates for multiple geographical regions separately.

Key Benefits: • Reporting is always on time, exactly when the business needs it (based on reporting region's timezone) • Scaling makes onboarding new assets transparent to the overall performance • Data is stored in an efficient way and can be used in both automatic and ad-hoc analysis

Services used: • Azure Data Factory • Azure Blob Storage • Azure Data Lake Gen2 • Azure Synapse Analytics • Azure Databricks • Azure Power BI Embedded • Azure App Services • Azure Active Directory • Azure Key Vault • Azure DevOps • Azure Security Center

The implementation final time and cost are calculated using T&M (time & material) method. The standard implementation takes around four weeks.