Analytics Assessment on Azure for SMB - 5 Days


Power business decisions with Advania’s Analytics Assessment for SMB

Do you want to improve your data estate and achieve your goals? The Advania Analytics Assessment for Enterprise can help you achieve that.

Whether you are new to analytics in Azure, or already have a cloud analytics platform that is not delivering the value you expected, this is the ideal solution for you. Get a thorough evaluation to identity what data you have, how trustworthy is the data, how you can use the data to enable faster business insights, how the right people can get access to the data and how to ensure data privacy and governance

Outcomes and benefits

  • Our team of experts work with you to identify the power of your data
  • Identify any security vulnerabilities and solutions to remove these
  • Identify opportunities to save licensing and processing costs
  • Help to establish a centre of excellence to provide high level guiding principles for enacting governance, policies and guidelines
  • A fully documented review pack along with the comprehensive presentation and cost estimates for improvement/ corrections
  • Enable self-service analytics to meet your data requirements faster and gather insights quicker
  • Identify training areas to upskill your data team and business exports to allow you to better leverage your data

Accelerate your analytics insights

  • Break down data silos enhancing data discovery
  • Ensure the data is trustworthy
  • Democratise access to insights
  • Future proof your data platform and highlight changes in the roadmap
  • Identity areas to save money on your license costs

Secure and compliant foundation

  • Identify the current and potential compliance exposure
  • Identify the needs for sensitivity labels, data loss prevention policies, azure defender for cloud and other security, monitoring solutions
  • Identify any potential limitations with existing controls and solutions to resolve the limitations


  • Perform a skills gap analysis on your existing data team to identify training needs
  • Create a tailored training programme to support data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and citizen/stakeholder developers
  • Introduce and support a centre of excellence (COE) to provide expert advice and evangelise a data driven culture