Azure Well-Architected Framework Review - 1 Day Assessment


The Advania Azure Well-Architected Framework Review provides a guided Azure workload assessment based on architectural excellence and an outcome-focussed remediation plan

Advania is pleased to offer our Well-Architected Framework Review (WAR) Assessment for workloads hosted in Microsoft Azure. Advania's one day interactive assessment leads key stakeholders responsible for developing and supporting workloads in Azure, through a process to maintain and improve the quality of your workload in Azure.

The team at Advania will work with your organisation to deliver:

Stakeholder and Scoping Engagement

  • Discuss objective, scope, format, and value of the assessment to your organisation

  • Gather high-level customer context and identify workloads as a potential candidate for the assessment

  • Arrange the technical review activity and ensure scope, objectives, format, and deliverables are understood

  • Confirm application workloads for assessment

  • Confirm logistics and attendees


Assess the end-to-end application through the lens of the relevant Well-Architected tenet and provide actionable recommendations to optimise the workload. Choose from one of the five guiding tenets of architectural excellence:

  • Reliability

  • Operational excellence

  • Performance efficiency

  • Cost optimisation

  • Security


  • Capture key findings and associated recommendations in a report

Assessment Closeout

  • Prioritising and planning next steps for remediation

  • Customer understands identified risks and recommendations

  • Customer able to incorporate recommendations into implementation plans as backlog item