Security and Compliance: 3-Wk Proof of Concept


This fixed scope engagement helps you to quickly start your Security and Compliance operations based on Azure.


According to the statistics almost 50% of organizations lack expertise and resources to plan and implement cloud security and compliance operations. This may lead to inability to detect and response to incidents, business interruptions, data leakage and reputational losses.

Project benefits

We offer an instant access to our expertise to implement a set of scenarios based on Azure AD Premium, MCAS, AIP, DLP, WIP, Defender for Identity, Defender for Endpoints integrated with Azure Sentinel (up to 5 scenarios for each service).


The PoC consists of 4 main project phases:

Assess. Conduct an assessment session for current infrastructure and planning security and compliance planning session Remediate. Prepare the current environment for security features implementation Enable. Configure a set of scenarios Migrate. Implements security and compliance for the pilot user group


  1. Azure Sentinel and connected services configuration
  2. Solution Technical Guide document