CAF Ready Transformation: 10-Week Implementation


Contino's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) transformation services are designed for highly regulated enterprises to facilitate agility, drive operational efficiencies & accelerate delivery.

Contino will provide the customer with a self-service CAF-aligned Azure Landing Zone as a key outcome and milestone. However, the customer must also establish and build lasting engineering capabilities to mature the Azure Landing Zone as an evolutionary product. As such, over the course of the engagement, the Contino team will pair program and upskill members of your Engineering function, with the aim of the team taking over the ownership of these capabilities in business as usual.

During the engagement, Contino will support the delivery of the following outcomes:

  • Creation of an Azure Landing Zone built to CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) standards.
  • A hardened Azure landing zone which may consume higher level services such as; Azure Firewall & Security Centre.
  • Deployment of a Compliance as Code framework using CIS, CSA and NIST controls.
  • Creation of CI/CD pipelines to initiate platform services builds from a version control system pull request using Azure DevOps & GitHub Enterprise.
  • Implementation of an AKS cluster(s) across development, test and production accounts for the hosting of container security and shares services tooling.
  • Implementation of dashboards and visualization of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) metrics which illustrate platform and application status. This may focus on SRE Golden KPI’s such as saturation, latency, traffic and errors.
  • Establish alerting and monitoring triggers with the aim of integrating with your NOC/SOC.
  • Deployment and integration with a Cloud Native secrets management capability.
  • Integration with existing Active Directory patterns and Identity Providers (eg. AAD).