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Leadership Development Solution

CCG Analytics

The CCG Leadership Development Solution helps K-12 organizations make informed decisions to improve the leadership placement process through a data warehouse and report visualizations.

On average, it costs over $75,000 to hire a new principal, and hundreds of hours are spent on recruiting and hiring by district employees. There’s also often a misalignment between the needs of the school, the skills of the employee, and the preferences of the leader. LDS resolves these issues, by using data to help address the following situations school districts commonly face: • Identification of specific leadership & growth needs of a school/student body • Misplacement of leadership candidates & determining which applicants are best suited for a position • Identification of qualified candidates when a key leadership position is open • Forecast and predict vacancies & develop candidate pools

CCG’s Approach:

CCG leverages Educations consultants and organizational change management Partners who will work closely with your team to identify the vision for your school district, build a data warehouse, and equip your district leaders and principles with the information they need.

Technical Structure:

LDS pulls together data from multiple sources and collects it into Azure Data Warehouse. The data is then analyzed through Microsoft Analysis solutions and illustrated in Power BI.

Product Features

School Profiles: • Interactive district map with boundary zones • Visibility into each schools’ characteristics (Students, Staff, Campus) • Clear Summary of school’s leadership needs concerning leadership

Leader Profiles: • Experience, specialized skills credentials, education, & trajectory • Strengths and preferences of leaders and candidates • Photos, portfolio links, & resumes

Fit Tool: • Degree of fit of candidates to open positions • Fit of leaders to current and future needs for targeted development & training • Vacancy projections

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