RapidDG-Data Governance Program Imp: 6-8 Weeks

CCG Analytics

RapidDG by CCG helps businesses streamline processes, empower workforce education, and strengthen the trust of data through effective data governance.

According to Forbes, 84% of CEOs are concerned about the quality of the data they’re basing their decisions on. Data is fuel to the business and without governed processes, departments (and not just IT) will be riddled with negative impacts.

We at CCG help businesses leverage data in Azure as a strategic, competitive, and operational asset through the help of RapidDG. This solution looks carefully at elements that affect data governance like data quality, information architecture, program management, program optimization, metadata management, privacy and security.

With RapidDG, businesses can see impact in as little as 6 weeks and get an immediate handle on the reliability, education, and management of their data. The components covered in a RapidDG engagement include: - Data Governance Program Set up - Actionable Roadmap Development - Operating Model Development

RapidDG brings CCG's expertise and capabilities to create the vision, build the roadmap, design the operating model, and catalyze your DG Program to get the most value out of your Azure Purview data governance technology.

RapidDG Engagement Timeline and Deliverables: Week 0 - Preparation - Sponsor kickoff - Schedule delivery sessions - Request DG documentation

Week 1 - Kickoff - Company kickoff - Conduct initial discovery sessions - Review provided documentation - Begin drafting deliverables

Week 2 - Discovery - Continued initial discovery sessions - Focus time on deliverable creation - Review new documentation as provided

Week 3-4 - Analysis - Meet with additional stakeholders, rounding out perspective - Facilitate deliverable-driven interviews - Define interim operating model - Narrow to actionable recommendations

Week 5 - Recommend - Finalize interim operating model - Finalize actionable recommendations

Week 6 - Operating Model - Review and approve operating model - Kick off operating model

Week 7 - Final Readout (Deliverable) - Conduct final read-out