Data Platform Modernization: 3-hr Workshop

Convergytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

*Convergytics offers a 3-hr Data Platform Modernization Workshop. Achieve the benefits of performance, cost, and scale with advanced features of Microsoft Azure Database and SQL Server2019.*
The workshop is designed for CIOs, Sr.Data Architects, CXOs where we present the case-studies along with the topics in the agenda on how Convergytics has delivered state of the art solutions ### Agenda for the Workshop: * Improve performance by leveraging Microsoft Azure Database and Microsoft SQL Server 2019 * Lock Data at Rest and Data in Motion from unauthorized access using advanced security features * Access heterogeneous data sources (SAP, SAP HANA, RedShift) from Azure SQL stack and SQL Server 2019 seamlessly using Big Data features and Polybase * Increase Reporting Efficiency with Azure Analysis Services & Power BI * Build and deploy decision models on Azure DSVMs and SQL Server 2019 * Azure Cognitive Services to build cutting-edge solutions ### Deliverables * Performance benefits along with cost-savings * Scaling up and scaling down the storage as per need * Next Generation High-performance applications * Power BI reporting tool to eliminate the latency issues