Turn-key energy saving solution with the zenon Software Platform: 12-Wk Pilot implementation


Save energy costs quickly and easily with the zenon Software Platform as an Energy Data Management System (EDMS) and our accredited solution partners.

Energy Data Management with zenon Energy and resource management is playing an increasingly fundamental role for manufacturers. On one hand, increasing energy expenses are becoming noticeable in production costs, and on the other hand, profitable margins can only take effect if costs are reduced.

Manufacturers need approximately 37% of total global energy use in 2017. Although manufacturers are starting to look for green energy solutions, they still face many challenges related to energy management:

Budget: Poor energy management can lead to high expenses when overloading machines can cause breakdowns or underloading decreases productivity. Manufacturers need to ensure they are minimizing energy usage while maximizing its utility.

Data collection: Manufacturers cannot make informed decisions if they don't know how much energy each piece of machinery uses and what level of power will lead to optimal functioning. Without IoT technology, data collection requires time-consuming sampling procedures and results in data that cannot be interpreted in real time.
Government assistance: To receive some kinds of government aid, such as tax incentives, manufacturing organizations in many countries must comply with certain standards for energy efficiency. Without the right tools, meeting government requirements for energy management may be difficult, if not impossible.

Manufacturing companies can resolve these challenges and make more informed decisions if they know how much energy each piece of machinery uses and what level of power will lead to optimal functioning. Energy data management systems (EDMS) based on real-time data from sensors and IoT devices are therefore essential to successful digitalization and the development of Smart Factories.

The zenon software platform supports innovative companies worldwide in simple, secure, and independent industrial automation. As an industrial automation software, it contributes to the digital transformation and convergence of OT and IT.

As an integrated solution with open interfaces, the software platform connects machines, plants, and buildings. While connecting from the sensor to all higher-level systems, zenon also includes native drivers and communication protocols. This creates ergonomics for the acting people and enables the scalable implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in heterogeneous production landscapes.

Together with a solution partner from COPA-DATA we utilize the zenon Software Platform in combination with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Azure Kubernetes Services to provide you with a best-in-class EDMS solution.

  • easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure
  • short implementation time
  • concise ready-made dashboards fully compliant with ISO 500001
  • expandable solution, that can be adapted to your wishes and corporate design

Price is an estimate for 100 energy counters.