Azure VMware Solution (AVS): 3-Wk Proof of Concept

Coretek Services

Coretek’s Smart Enterprise team will lead your organization to progress at your own pace to move or extend on-premises VMware environments to Azure.

Protect Your VMware Workloads in the Ultra Secure Azure Cloud

Coretek will help you invest in Azure strategically to meet your business goals.
  • Gain Speed and Scale: Built-in continuity, speed, and scale with modern, managed Azure infrastructure.
  • Leverage Existing Investments: Leverage your existing VMware investments, skills, and tools. Maintain operational consistency with familiar technology including vSphere, HCX, NSX, and vSAN.
  • Azure Services Integration: Enhance your workloads with the Azure native management, security, and services.

AVS Quick Start Includes

  • A workshop to envision planned architecture, security & understand broad integration and connection points.
  • A finalized design of VMware DR in Azure and Pipeline deployment for proof of concept.
  • Deployment of one Azure VMware Solution Cluster consisting of three Azure Bare-metal hosts, one VCSA, one NSX-T Gateway.
  • POC is deployed via Coretek approved architectural patterns so that we can demonstrate best practices that do not come out of the box.
  • Azure resources are authorized to interact with each other using Managed Identities.
  • All secrets are populated in an Azure Key Vault, ensuring that no secrets are unsecured in code or elsewhere.
  • Connect AVS cluster in Azure to Customer Gateway via ExpressRoute.
  • A demonstration of one Virtual Machine Migration from on-prem vSphere cluster to AVS vSphere cluster.
  • Quick Start Assumptions

    • Customer is responsible for Azure consumption costs and will enable connectivity to the data sources required.
    • Deployment of POC will be in a Non-Production Azure environment.
    • Customer has reasonably secured the Azure subscription to support any sensitive data.
    • Cloud Adoption Framework GAP analysis is a later phase, not included in POC.