Citrix on Azure: 5 Day Proof of Concept

Coretek Services

Professional Services Citrix Proof of Concept - Deliver Secured Virtual Applications and Desktops from Azure

Test Drive Your Cloud VDI in One (1) Week. Coretek is both an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider as well as a Citrix Platinum partner. We have the unique ability to help our customers implement Citrix running in Azure in an optimal way.

Coretek will provide professional services to help you prove out your business case to test and validate your applications running in Azure.

Coretek will preform the following In Scope services:
  • Coretek will work your team to implement or extend your use of Azure with a proof of concept Citrix environment in Azure
  • Configuration of One Site-to-Site VPN if necessary
  • Citrix Cloud Subscription Configuration
  • Deliver up to 10 Shared Virtual Desktops or
  • Deliver up to 10 Win10 VDI Desktops
  • Office Pro Plus Integration
  • Train your staff on Citrix in Azure
Why Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Microsoft Azure?
  • One place to manage any infrastructure
  • Rapidly deploy and secure Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktops on Azure
  • Provide secure, ubiquitous access from any device
  • Provide Global Access to mission critical applications regardless of visualization and data requirements from around the globe without investing in global data center infrastructure
  • Pay for only what you use and need. Scale for high-peak periods
  • Keep critical business information off the endpoint, secured in the Azure cloud
By the end of the engagement (Deliverable):
  • You will have a proof of concept Citrix delivered application or desktop environment to leverage for testing.
  • You will have a documented reference architecture for your Citrix in Azure environment.
  • Please note that you are responsible Azure consumption during the POC.