Cloud Transformation : 1-Hr Briefing

Course5 Intelligence Pvt. Ltd

1 hour briefing session on Course5 Intelligence offerings in Azure and how Course5 can help customers on their cloud transformation journey.

This 1 hour session will help customers get an understanding of how your organization could benefit from the Microsoft Azure Data Platform, an outline of what the project could look like and clear next steps:

• Modernizing their current data analytics platform with Azure data platform • Moving to an Azure cloud-based environment for their consumption layer • Augmenting their current processes with Azure cloud and PowerBI

Course5 creates value for businesses through 360-degree data synthesis, solution toolkits/accelerators, and frameworks for specific business use cases, by enabling Azure cloud Infrastructure, Software, and Platforms to focus on cloud transformation, accelerate analytics solutions, application of AI and next-generation technologies for cognitive automation, and enhanced knowledge discovery.

Course5 Intelligence shares a strong alliance with Microsoft. Course5 Intelligence is recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Cloud & Data Analytics platform partner. With Microsoft Azure and PowerBI stack, we help organizations derive maximum value from their data and infrastructure investments and build a solid competitive edge through multiple efficiencies and democratic access to essential information.