Course5 Discovery

Course5 Intelligence Limited

Augmented analytics platform powered by generative AI to drive decision intelligence through personalized, actionable insights and using conversational AI to foster adoption and decision-first culture

Course5 Discovery brings the power of generative AI technologies and advanced AI & analytics models into a platform that delivers actionable insights, to make faster and accurate data backed decisions for businesses that drives substantial and direct impact on business KPIs.

Insights that are contextual, relevant, timely, personalized, and automated makes decision making process both at strategic and operational level so easy and convenient that it brings transformative insight-first culture within organizations of any size, scale, and industry.

Augmented analytics capabilities of Discovery help businesses at various stages of decision making with descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics (anomaly detection & causal), predictive analytics (early warning signals and forecasting) and prescriptive analytics (impact assessment and recommendations). It also brings the advantage of on platform tracking of recommendations and actions so that businesses can close the loop and assess the impact of the insights, decisions, and action on the relevant KPIs.

Discovery enables insights consumption across business personas through its native web and mobile interfaces, conversational AI driven chatbot, on other collaboration platforms like Teams, Slack, Yammer, and through enterprise BI platforms and intranet portals. Smart search feature in Discovery assist business users to find data assets, learning content, relevant dashboards, and insights around business KPI through simple and intuitive search. Other features like content and assets aggregation (data, dashboards, models, applications, trainings etc.) as well as collaboration and self-serve data exploration helps create an integrated cross-enterprise global ecosystem that helps multiple business functions to come together and make decisions on a continuous manner. The platform, being modular and highly configurable as per business needs, can be set up progressively in alignment of business priorities and adoption roadmap keeping challenges of change management organizational dynamics in the context. The implementation models are designed to configure the features and capabilities as per the business user personas and make the experience relevant, effective, and personalized so that speed of decision making is positively impacted and evident within short period of time.

The platform brings the several decision-making use cases to life for key business functions like supply chain, ecommerce, marketing, competitive intelligence, customer experience, market research and many more. Insights from multiple business functions are connected using pre-built KPI knowledge graphs and delivered to the executives so that they can make strategic business decisions keeping multiple business parameters into account.

Such connected insights are generated based on the configuration setup on the platform, that considers key business objectives, expected areas of impact, scope of implementation, available data pipelines, existing data integrations and organizational structures so that insights are delivered at various level of granularity in consumable manner across multiple mediums as per the personas and their needs and decision making cadence.

Discovery leverages Azure cognitive and other services to enable AI models and algorithms for structured and unstructured data assimilation and clustering, pattern identification. It uses NLQ/NLG, language models (LLMs) like GPT3 and generative AI technologies to generate humanized insights.

Course5 various consultation and implementation services helps businesses to adapt Discovery within their data and systems ecosystem in the most relevant and effective ways as per state of maturity of the business in the areas of data, platform integrations, analytics adoption, and strategic intent. It is easier for businesses to chose from pre-defined Discovery success paths (adoption and optimization journeys) and then get them customize as per organizational needs. Course5 consultative approach brings flexibility to identify and adopt right Azure services that can solve specific business and technology needs while implementing Discovery and then various achieve short-term and long-term goals.

In all, Discovery brings transformative decision intelligence processes, advanced AI technologies and powerful Microsoft Azure services together to help your business to make right decisions to drive sustainable growth. You can start your transformational journey by contacting Course5 to know more about Discovery.