C5i Discovery


Augmented analytics platform powered by generative AI to drive decision intelligence through personalized, actionable insights and using conversational AI to foster adoption and decision-first culture

Enterprises, globally, are in different states of maturity in their analytics journey and continually investing on BI and analytics. What is missing then? Lack of adoption and impact on business makes the journey devoid of ROI. C5i Discovery is here to turn the situation around by providing simple, smart and speedy ways of getting insights and making decisions. In action, C5i Discovery has delivered business impacts like:

2X increase in speed to contextual ecommerce insights
34% reduction in finished goods waste due to stales and damages
86% automation of brand performance reporting
57% reduction of time-to-insights for sales performance

Augmented analytics capabilities of Discovery help businesses at various stages of decision making with:

  • Descriptive analytics (connected insights)
  • Diagnostic analytics (anomaly detection & causal)
  • Predictive analytics (early warning signals and forecasting)
  • Prescriptive analytics (impact assessment, recommendations and scenario planning).

Versatile data-to-insights capabilities reduces time-to-insights:

  • Supports structured and unstructured data like text, PDFs/PPTs, Emails and videos
  • Pre-Built KPI graphs and model factory helps onboard several use cases from functions like supply chain, ecommerce, marketing, finance, data quality, customer experience, market research and many more.
  • Leverages GenAI to deliver actionable insights in narrative form dynamically from live data

Intuitive self-serve features drive consumption, adoption and impact:

  • Conversational AI-Assistant with contextual humanized text and visual responses
  • Configurable Story boards that can be exported to PPT/PDF
  • Decision Intelligence flows help personas to take periodic and ad-hoc decisions, quickly
  • Automated emails with insights and alerts, helps prevent adverse business events
  • Collaboration through in-platform messaging and integration with Teams, Slack, Yammer
  • Integrated portal with smart search to find data assets, dashboards and learning content
  • On platform tracking of recommendations and actions so that businesses
  • Close the loop feedback optimizes the insights and increases accuracy

Built for enterprises with support for complex data & organizational needs:

  • Scalable platform architecture that works seamlessly with Azure services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Synapse etc.
  • Configurable API / Service architecture to integrate BI platforms like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and enterprise portals
  • White labeling and customization options helps integration within enterprise ecosystem and drive adoption and easy change management.
  • C5i’s pre-defined Discovery success paths (adoption and optimization journeys) supported by various consultation and implementation services helps businesses to adapt Discovery within their data and IT ecosystem with all governance and controls in place.

In all, Discovery brings transformative decision intelligence processes, advanced AI technologies and powerful Microsoft Azure services together to help your business with sustainable growth.
You can start your transformational journey by contacting C5i to know more about Discovery.