IN - Azure Disaster Recovery As A Service


To show features of Azure Disaster Recovery As A Service will help customers to analyze, understand service and align with their requirement to eventually help in decision making for adopting service.

Only a demonstration of the service listed in the options is included in this offering. The use of this service will result in potential costs. We can showcase the demo of paid plan.

Crayon, an organization of 2000+ employees with a presence in 80% of the Global market has built strong relationships with over 60,000 customers in the past 20 years and continues to offer best in class end-to-end Consulting solutions & services for all your DR & infrastructure challenges.

Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRAAS) is a service where an updated and automated replication of your virtual machines is being done to keep your applications active during planned and unplanned outages - minimizing the impact of any disaster. Organisations must be prepared to protect themselves and react to potential security incidents or interruption of a company's IT systems that could damage operational capacity or business continuity.


• A big challenge is the complexity of today’s typical corporate environment. These days, data and workloads are spread between different apps, computers, servers, and platforms. Not only is it required to review and adapt software and hardware to the ever-changing reality, but also single point of failure in apps needs to be addressed. • One of the biggest key challenges is fatal data loss. • Facing disruption of business operations is also a key challenge that should be addressed with a proper DR plan. • Another challenge is costs which includes cost of setting up secondary site & resources.


• DR Service offers an end-to-end disaster recovery solution that is simple, secure, scalable, and cost-effective—and can be integrated with on-premises data protection solutions as well. • In the case of service disruption or accidental deletion or corruption of data, recover your business services in a timely and orchestrated manner. • The DR solution on cloud is simple to architect, cloud-native, highly available and resilient.

Crayon helps to lower your DR complexity with best-practice methods. We facilitate the path to developing an accurate and concise disaster recovery plan that can be updated time and again. Our services include a pay-per-use option offering you the ability to scale up or down as required. Crayon ensures continuous monitoring of your RTOs and RPOs and are available round the clock, whenever technical assistance is required. In addition, we enable the implementation of automatic systems for monitoring the health of your data.

• DR Service DRAAS offers ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, and dependability. Deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes to help keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages.

• Replication of Azure VM DRAAS guarantees application uptime by replicating workloads to a secondary location. In the event of an outage at the primary location, traffic is automatically redirected to the secondary location to make sure the applications remain accessible. It’s important to note that service can replicate workloads from on-premises servers in addition to Azure VMs. This means applications that are not hosted in the cloud can still take advantage of one of the major benefits of cloud computing – the ability to quickly provision and scale resources when you need it most.

• Disaster Recovery of Azure VM in Secondary Region When an outage occurs at your primary site/region, you fail over to a secondary location, and access apps from there. After the primary location is running again, you can fail back to it.


• Summarized presentation. • Demonstration of services with its unique features. • Questions & Answers regarding demo.

Benefits • Using the DRAAS, you can greatly reduce risks of organizational failure and data losses. • Improved Organisation Maturity in terms of availability and end customer experience. • DR service provides improved availability & reliability. • DRAAS offers Microsoft created and managed initiative definitions, known as built-ins, for the compliance domains and security controls related to different compliance standards. • DRAAS service also supports legacy applications.