Azure Governance Implementation: 1 month Assessment


Crayon Azure Governance service brings best practices and policies about enforcing any of your Azure services.

With Azure Governance Crayon

service we can help you to implement governance policies that can benefit your organization to help you with audit and enforcement of your internal corporation policies for any Azure policies. The Azure Governance service would also create compliant environment, including resources, policies, and access control.

Based on Crayon Poland experience and knowledge, you will be able to modernize any of your Azure resources which encourage accountability throughout the organization while monitoring spending.

The Azure Governance deployment plan:

  • 1. Review existing resources in your Microsoft Azure subscriptions
  • 2. Identity internal policies for your environment in the area of Cost Management, Security, Resource, Identity and Deployment
  • 3. Deliver the recommendation list of changes in your Azure environment
  • 4. Implement changes to Azure subscriptions (improve overall Azure services operations efficiency)
  • 5. Review changes, monitor spend and encourage accountability across your entire organization