Azure Stack HCI: 6 Week Implementation


Full journey to Azure Stack HCI implementation in your company. From Discover thru Design and Implementation phase.

With Azure Stack HCI we can help implement hybrid cloud to your company that can benefit from decreasing datacenter complexity, simplify operation, improve performance and scalability.

Crayon Architects are Microsoft certificated team that provides Analysis of your existing environments and workloads. Design best hardware selection and needed sizing. In Deploy phase we configure Azure Stack HCI with integration with Microsoft Azure Services. Either you are big finance company, manufacturer or wholesaler with warehouses Azure Stack HCI with our help will fit your needs, save money and gets most value of it.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of Crayon, you will be able to modernize your datacenter, simplify management of on-prem and cloud resources, integrate edge and remote branches into the core infrastructure and enable better control over hardware, scalability, and cloud environment.