Road to Cloud: 1 month Implementation


Crayon Road to Cloud Implementation migrates up to five selected workloads to the cloud.


Crayon understands that sometimes there are workloads within an organization, which can be potentially moved to Azure and bring definite benefits for the company. With Crayon Road to Cloud Implementation you will be able to choose up to 2 workloads and implement them to Azure cloud.

The offer includes:

Stage 1: Discuss goals and objectives

  • Ensure all relevant stakeholders are aligned with the goals and objectives of the Crayon Road to Cloud implementation, and that there is a clear understanding of how mentioned objectives will be achieved.
  • Document the objectives and allocate responsibilities/ownership to the relevant stakeholders.

Cloud Implementation

  • Formulate the scope and begin to build the architecture based on key objectives.
  • Start to collate all the information needed to be able to choose between lift and shift migration, or refactoring the workload. (This may involve working with third parties and partners.)

Stage 2: Workload implementation

  • Assess all current policies and processes around choosen workload, and add/amend said policies and processes to facilitate the new Azure cloud technology.
  • Document, train, and implement new policies and processes regarding the workload.

The workshop delivers value by:

  • Educating staff and employees
  • Implementing Azure cloud technologies
  • Optimizing costs and organizational agility
  • Delivering actionable steps for the future