AI and ML: 2day POC

Crayon US

Crayon AI and ML Proof of Concept is a demonstration of value based on a strategic and specific use case to justify and prioritize larger initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science that leverages the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers to improve overall strategy as well as supercharge product, services, and offerings. Machine Learning is a subset of AI based on processing data to facilitate automatic improvements and enhancements through machine experience eliminating constant human supervision. AI and ML projects are hosted in Microsoft Azure. Projects can leverage Microsoft HDInsight AI and ML technology.

Crayon AI and ML proof of concept Day 1

  • Develop steering committee
  • Collaborate on specific use cases
  • Evaluate current data available
  • Walk through Microsoft Azure and AI and ML technology Microsoft HDInsight and Azure Databricks

Day 2

  • Deliver proposal
  • Predict ROI on Microsoft Technology