Cloud by Design: 2wk Workshop

Crayon US

Crayon Cloud by Design Workshop outlines goals and objectives and assesses workloads to move the cloud.

Crayon understands that sometimes a holistic move to the cloud is not the best option for a company. Crayon Cloud by Design offers clients the option to choose 5 workloads to assess and potentially move to the cloud.

The workshop includes: Week1 Discuss goals and objectives

  • Ensure all relevant stakeholders are aligned with the goals and objectives of the Crayon Cloud by Design solution, and that there is a clear understanding of how said objectives will be achieved.
  • Document the objectives and allocate responsibilities/ownership to the relevant stakeholders.

Cloud Strategy

  • Formulate the scope and begin to build the plan based on key objectives.
  • Start to collate all the information needed to be able to make the correct strategic decision. (This may involve working with third parties and partners.)

Week 2 Management Process

  • Assess all current policies and processes, and add/amend said policies and processes to facilitate the new cloud technology.​
  • Document, raise awareness, train, and implement new policies and processes.

Data and Workloads

  • Identify all workloads and data that is to be considered for movement to the cloud, and understand its dependencies and the impact of the potential move​.
  • Identify the risks in terms of business impact, cost, end user satisfaction, data encryption, data protection, and governance.

Price based on a per workload basis.