AI Session with Demo 3-Day Workshop

Crayon US

Implement Conversational AI with Zammo, collaborate with Crayon Data Architects and AI Advisors to identify business use cases and develop a strategic roadmap for solution implementation

The customer will have a working session with the Crayon AI team to explore and evaluate the current AI strategy around conversational AI/chatbots/customer 360 to avoid siloed data and singular viewpoints.

DAY 1 Collaborate with Crayon data architects and AI team, C-suite, and decision makers to explore and evaluate current conversational AI infrastructure Enhance understanding of artificial intelligence and Microsoft Azure and Microsoft learning technologies Define current IT business challenges Identify solution/product changes and implementations Evaluate opportunities, advantages, and risks with implementation with Crayon data architect

DAY 2 Evaluate current AI initiatives, growth strategies, and discuss how AI can support the business with Crayon data scientist Identify business use cases AI can solve and result in strategic advantages for organization

DAY 3 Continue data exploration Derive additional insights Strategic roadmap and recommendations for implementation; delivered in 7 business days in addition to AI recommendations

This solution makes use of Microsoft Azure and utilize leading learning technologies including Azure Databricks and Microsoft HDInsight.

Crayon is a AAAP GBB partner and can apply for Microsoft funding programs. Ask Crayon if you qualify.