CCM Unstructured Data: 4hr Workshop

Crayon US

Crayon Cloud Content Management Unstructured Data Workshop discusses capturing information from unstructured data to drive business value and using ML to extract data learnings from media and text.

Cloud Content Management (CCM) encapsulates how data is captured, managed, stored, preserved, and delivered to employees, business stakeholders, and customers. It is essential that a company with a large volume of content has a defined cloud content management plan to remain in line with compliance mandates and regulations and increase operational efficiencies.

Crayon builds integrations between Azure and boundary systems for a unified solution.

The Crayon Data Workshop for Unstructured Data​ takes Azure cloud content further and uses ML to extract data learnings from media and text to drive business value.

The two to four hour data workshop initiates the discussion around what data the organization produces, receives, and how the data drives business value.