Modern Analytics Solution Accelerator Proof of Concept 4 Days

Crayon US

Learn best practices for advanced analytics, collaborate on technical design patterns for a modern data architecture, & deploy a fully functional POC including Azure Synapse and Power BI.

Built on Crayon’s Solution Accelerator framework, Crayon experts have created the Modern Analytics Solution Accelerator as a collaborative workshop intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the Azure Synapse Analytics. This engagement can be tailored to customer needs, but at its core will provide technical conversation and hands on exercises intended to prepare customers to build an Advanced Analytics and AI solution, presented in an easily consumed format that includes relatable scenarios built using publicly available sample data sets. At the conclusion of the engagement, customers will be left with a fundamental understanding of patterns and best practices related to doing big data analytics and AI in Azure Synapse Analytics as well as a functional proof of concept that can be built using custom data or sample data provided.

Technical components included in this offer include: • Azure Synapse Analytics workspace deployment • Synapse SQL Serverless for exploratory analysis • Synapse Spark for ML powered enrichment • Synapse Link for Cosmos DB • Synapse Integration Pipelines for orchestration and automation of data movement • Power BI for serving and Data Visualization

Sample Agenda:

Introduction to Modern Analytics 1.1 - Review fundamental components of modern analytics solution including: • Data Ingestion • Data Storage • Data Transformation • Data Serving • Data Visualization and Analytics 1.2 - Demonstrate capabilities of the Azure Synapse Analytics Platform 1.3 - facilitate Power BI Governance and Deployment workshop

Strategy Sessions 2.1 - Discuss customer goals and challenges through business and technical discussions 2.2 - Facilitate Envisioning Session to help define new business opportunities that will serve as ideation blueprints

Technical Design Sessions 3.1 - Materialize customer goals into technical artifacts 3.2 - Define plan for short term measurable success that can be achieved through remainder of engagement and beyond

Hands on Workshop Sessions 4.1 - Deep dive review of technical tools and services required to support POC activity. This session may include: • Synapse Pipelines for orchestration and automation of data movement • ADLS Gen2 for Data Storage • Azure Synapse SQL for exploratory analysis • Azure Synapse Spark for ML powered enrichment and transformation • Power BI for analytics and data visualization 4.2 - Immersive hands - on exercise that will provide opportunity to build a POC solution that will demonstrate the capabilities of all tools and services that have been introduced

Summary 5.1 - Presentation of POC solution and final discussion around lessons learned throughout the course of the engagement, and next steps with the customer

Actual pricing subject to project scope.