Data Envision 2-Day Workshop

Crayon US

Establish a strong data foundation for successful data-driven solutions through data platform assessment, data platform implementation, and data platform management

Collaborate with the Crayon data scientists to identify business use cases and develop a strategic roadmap for the implementation.

DAY 1 * Collaborate with Crayon data scientist, C-suite, and decision makers to explore and evaluate current data strategy * Enhance understanding of data and Microsoft Azure and Microsoft learning technologies * Evaluate opportunities, advantages, and risks with data implementation * Identify business use cases, within industry, Azure and data can solve and result in strategic advantages for organization * Begin data exploration

DAY 2 * Data exploration * Strategic roadmap and recommendations for implementation; delivered in 7 business days. Crayon Data Envision Session recommendations will be based on use cases hosted in Microsoft Azure and utilize leading learning technologies including Azure Databricks and Microsoft HDInsight.