Migration Services 4-6-Wk Assessment

Crayon US

Discover your workload and application portfolio, identify dependencies, requirements, and build a comprehensive migration plan aligned with the seven common migration strategies (7 Rs).

Crayon helps clients optimize and innovate with software, cloud, data and AI. Our team has deep expertise, with over 100 data scientists, each averaging 10 years of experience. Our services can help with a cloud migration, innovate through Azure, and improve the user experience with Modern Work and Teams solutions, all while keeping your data secure.

Crayon has helped thousands of organizations, including global enterprises, migrate their business to the cloud. These companies benefited from substantial IT costs savings, as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience. Combining the experience and expertise of Microsoft and Crayon, we provide a complete and proven approach for migrating to the cloud so that you can achieve cloud benefits faster.

Here is what you can expect and what is included with every assessment:​

  • Business objective review​
  • Project scope​
  • Cloud readiness report​
  • Identification and prioritization of candidates to move to Azure​
  • High level cost estimates (PAYG, AHB RI over time)​
  • Proposal for Azure Migration Engagement or Scope of Work to migrate​
  • CAF Governance Analysis and recommendations​

Phase 1: Planning & Data Collection [1-2 weeks] Phase 2: Data Analysis [1-2 weeks] Phase 3: Final Recommendations [1-2 weeks]

Navigating a cloud migration is complex. As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, we’ll make sure you avoid the common roadblocks that cause cloud adoption initiatives to stall or fail before they even start. We’ll quickly migrate your applications, data, and architecture to Azure while helping your organization create a cloud strategy to address key security and compliance, disaster recovery and backup, and data retention goals. The Azure Expert MSP Difference

  1. Proven, real-world proficiency and skill, for data center lift-and-shift, born-in-cloud new applications, and everything in between.
  2. Full stack approach expertise in every facet of cloud transformation
  3. Best of the best accreditation via rigorous recurring third-party audit program
  4. Gold Cloud Platform Competency partner with demonstrated deep Azure knowledge and skill sets

Actual pricing subject to project scope.