OpenAI Solutioning and Optimization: 2-Hour Workshop

Crayon US

Unlock the full potential of OpenAI with the backing of 100 Crayon data scientists. Get started today with a 1:1 workshop to identify and define your ideal OpenAI use cases.

In 2014, we established our Data & AI practice at Crayon, offering a comprehensive approach that encompasses all aspects of cloud transformation. Our team of solutions specialists, architects, and data scientists are available to help you unlock the full potential of your data for business purposes. As experts in Data & AI solutions, we can collaborate to analyze use case scenarios and identify the challenges your organization faces.

In addition, Crayon's Global Data & AI Center of Excellence (CoE) with three locations is available to support and guide organizations in implementing responsible AI practices. At Crayon, we prioritize responsible development of AI through our reference framework, CRAIG (Crayon Responsible AI Guidelines). Our commitment to sustainability, ethics, trust, robust engineering, and security is reflected in our services. This includes developing a comprehensive policy, integrating responsible AI practices into sales and delivery processes, implementing support and governance structures, and disseminating knowledge.

Workshop Agenda: Learn from our experts how you can reduce the complexity and build a strategic Artificial Intelligence roadmap for your enterprise Azure OpenAI deployment.​

During the workshop, Crayon analytics experts including data scientists will uncover and understand your goals & challenges through business and technical discussion. • Review the Azure OpenAI Service product platform and capabilities. • Envision solutions and understand best practice AI deployment options. • Create a strategic roadmap for implementation of proposed solutions.

Duration: 2 hours

Deliverables: At the end of the workshop, you will have:
• A Roadmap for implementation of proposed solutions.
• A fundamental understanding of Azure OpenAI product platform and capabilities.

Cost: Free

Crayon Key Differentiators: • Hundreds of data scientists worldwide across all disciplines with deep expertise in language technologies. On average each data scientist has 6+ years of relevant experience in the field​. • 9+ Years​ Experience -​ Extensive ​LLM Work​. Crayon has been actively involved in the field, demonstrating extensive expertise with all kinds of (large) language models.​ • Successfully deployed in numerous projects​. Transformers (models similar to GPT) have been effectively implemented in many projects, with an emphasis not only on text processing but also on speech processing.​ • Global Crayon COE for ​Data & AI. Crayon is one of 5 global Microsoft partners that is “certified” to deploy a “virtual” AI CoE into an organization or business.​ • Selected to participate in the exclusive Azure OpenAI previews​. With direct access to the Microsoft OpenAI product team.

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP (Managed Service Provider), we will make sure you avoid the common roadblocks that cause cloud adoption initiatives to stall or fail before they even start. We will quickly modernize your applications, data, and architecture to Azure. The Azure Expert MSP Difference: • Proven, real-world proficiency and skill, for data center lift-and-shift, born-in-cloud new applications, and everything in between. • Full stack approach expertise in every facet of cloud transformation. • Best of the best accreditation via rigorous recurring third-party audit program. • Demonstrated deep Azure knowledge and skill sets.