DevOps: 2-Day Workshop


Following the DevOps briefing and organizational overview, review Azure DevOps tools and automation strategies in a technical deep-dive that will identify prioritized opportunities.

This 2-day workshop targeted toward organizations with a good basic understanding of DevOps, will include a briefing on current DevOps technologies, a review of your current DevOps understanding and usage, as well as the identification of prioritized opportunities for DevOps optimization leveraging Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise within your organization.

Part one will include a DevOps briefing focused on:

  • Critical Success Factors: Establish shared understanding of DevOps and critical success factors
  • Change Capacity and Leadership: Develop high-level understanding of culture and sponsorship
  • Organization and People: Develop high-level understanding of organization model, roles, and skills
  • Standards and Processes: Establish high-level understanding of key processes, methodologies, and documentation maturity
  • Azure DevOps Walkthrough: Showcase how a comprehensive set of DevOps tools can help streamline development and operations

Part two will include a technical deep-dive workshop where together we will:

  • Review Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise tools
  • Develop high-level understanding of existing technology and technology operations
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the technical components of your organization’s DevOps model (automation, branching, source control, etc.)
  • Identify high-level prioritized opportunities

At the end of this 2-day engagement, you will walk away with a better understanding of current Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise technologies, an understanding of your current DevOps environment, and more importantly, a prioritized list of high-level opportunities your organization can use to improve your DevOps environment.

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