Microsoft Virtual Desktop 10 Days Implementation

CrucialLogics Inc.

Windows Virtual Desktop for High Performance Graphics & AEC firms - Microsoft Virtual Desktop 10 Days Implementation

CruicalLogics has a rapid deployment POC for high performance WVD proof of concept for the AEC industry to allow vetting of affordable high power compute in the cloud. We work with the organization to understand, design and deploy a WORKING WVD infrastructure consisting of Azure NVv4-series VMs running Windows 10 or 11. This completive offering will deliver affordable VIRTUAL compute to end user computing running REVIT, AUTOCAD, Photoshop and other industry technologies which require expensive end-point computers difficult to obtain and hard to manage these days. Cruciallogics together with the customer will devise a functioning platform including key deliverables such as an Envisioning & Scope Document, assemble a High Level Design Document to help Develop a enterprise grade platform allowing efficient and secure virtual computing for your organization.