Hosting Transformation Strategy: 6 week assessment

CS Technology (Australia) Pty Limited

This 6 week assessment develops a hosting transformation strategy, including Azure readiness, for a subset of applications, using the same process for a whole of enterprise strategy.

Hosting transformation strategy delivers the financial model, business case and roadmap to Azure aligning application needs with technology demand and business requirements. Our approach uses six contiguous steps. Each step builds on the information gathered and analysis developed during the previous step.

Week 1 - Project Initiation & Discovery Establish project governance and conduct discovery of current hosting platforms, applications, infrastructure, service delivery and financial data.

Week 2 - Current State Analysis Conduct analysis of the gathered data to characterise client’s hosting portfolio, infrastructure and operating model. This output will inform the application profiling, demand model and Azure readiness.

Week 3 - Application Profiling Provide application disposition analysis and dependency mapping that will be used to define Azure placement, hosting selection, infrastructure architecture requirements and migration strategy.

Week 4 - Demand Modelling Quantify IT demand through careful consideration of historical growth, technology trends, planned technology initiatives, business planning, workload placement requirements, disaster recovery, Azure architecture and other factors. This output informs the development of scenarios.

Week 5 - Scenario Development and Financial Modelling Develop multiple hosting model scenarios and conduct what-if analyses to gauge scenario ability to support the firm’s target business requirements, organic and inorganic growth. Develop technical and financial analysis to assess the efficacy of each scenario. Develop high level plan and roadmap for the recommended scenario.

Week 6 - Synthesis and Business Case Aggregate all analysis to develop final strategy and recommendation into the business case and roadmap.

The objective of this 6 week assessment is to develop the financial model, business case and roadmap for a subset of applications, demonstrating the value of the process for a whole of organisation strategy.