Website Migration: 2-Day Assessment


2-Day Assessment for Website and Database Migration

Migrating a website is no trivial task, especially with so many offerings for cloud environments. With our 2-day assessment, you have a clear path to migrate your website and database to Microsoft Azure. Our solution involves planning for the best implementation for your website, analyzing what you currently have and planning for expected growth. It includes analyzing all assets, SSL certificates, domains, databases, etc.

Scope of Work

  • Meeting with client to review the website architecture, platform, infrastructure, performance, security, backup and recovery, and any other requirements.
  • Establish the necessary services in Azure that will compose the final implementation.
  • Define cloud architecture.
  • Create a migration plan based on cloud architecture. Present the plan to the client and adjust as necessary.


  • A description of the services needed in Microsoft Azure to successfully migrate the website and database.
  • Documented migration plan that follows Microsoft Azure’s best practices.

Notes and Assumptions

  • The website is built in ASP.NET or PHP.
  • The database is SQL Server, MySQL or Postgres. NoSQL could be MongoDB, Cassandra or CosmosDB.
  • Additional services available: Support, Large Environments, Actual Implementation, and Deployment, etc.