Data Compliance Monitoring - 1 Hour Briefing

CTO Boost

Free introductory meeting to discover how you can automate your data compliance and governance strategy by leveraging Azure, Cosmos, and Brilliant IG.

Brilliant IG, by CTO Boost, is an automated compliance monitoring platform on Azure. By integrating Azure services with Brilliant IG, companies are able to remain agile in staying on top of critical business functions by aligning internal processes with external regulations; resulting in a real-time, streamlined, and comprehensive compliance strategy.

CTO Boost is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with Competency in Cloud Platform and a focus on Data and Compliance. We provide consulting services such that you can maximize the capabilities of Azure to empower your compliance needs.

In this briefing, we will go over:

  1. Opportunities that can strengthen your compliance posture,

  2. Case studies of enterprises that have automated their compliance objectives,

  3. How we can visualize your data and map your compliance needs,

  4. And how CTO Boost will integrate it all together on Azure.

Duration: 1 hour.