ADP to Active Directory - 1 Week Implementation

Covenant Technology Partners

Integrate ADP to Active Directory to automate employee onboarding within your organization.

Audience: Companies using ADP as their HR system and Microsoft 365 Company Size: Mid-Size, 200+ employees

Let us help you remove the manual work to create and update employee records and save time and money!

What is ADP AccountSync: It is designed to automate the data integration between ADP Payroll and HRMS solutions and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD).

The Problem: If you are using ADP and AD (or AAD), you have employee data in two locations. As employee data changes, updates require additional manual data entry and a risk of having data between the two systems out of sync or incorrect.

The Solution: CTP AccountSync automatically synchronizes user accounts in AD or AAD with ADP worker data. Once configured, it runs in the background, updating AD or AAD with ADP worker data based on rules you define.

This solution eliminates at least 10 minutes per employee change. It also eliminates the risk of having data out of sync. When an employee experiences a change, such as a change in name, address, home phone number, cell phone number, business office number, business cell phone number, title, division, etc., your team enters the change into ADP once, and it is automatically reflected into Active Directory or Azure Active Diretory as well. When an employee is promoted, your team has only to enter that change into ADP, and then their new job title can be updated in Active Directory or Azure Active Directory automatically.

Prerequisites: • ADP – You must have access to the ADP Workforce Now API. If you use an ADP system and do not currently have access to the API, this can typically be setup by ADP for a nominal one-time fee, plus a low monthly recurring fee. • Active Directory or Azure Active Directory – this is where your users are maintained in a Windows network system.

Pricing $1.80 per user per month + Initial setup fee (please call for quote – setup cost varies depending on complexity of AD and your configuration)