Analytics Jump Start - 4-WK Assessment

Covenant Technology Partners

Let us help you ease the transition to a modern Data Analytics platform with our Analytics Jump Start engagement.

A modern Data Analytics platform is modular and built for rapid development and value-based results; the transition however can seem overwhelming. To ease the move to a modern Data Analytics platform, Covenant has created an “Analytics Jump Start” engagement. This program is a 4-week project that is designed to help an organization in high-level discovery and planning efforts learn how analytics can transform their business, and what concepts must be understood to do more with their data.

Timeline: Education: Overview and training for how analytics can be utilized within an organization to transform how decisions are made - 1 day Discovery: Identify business challenges, envision the role of modern data & analytics platform and decide on a high impact use case to implement during a pilot - 2 days Pilot: Design, acquire data and develop a suite of visualizations based upon the use case - 3 weeks Transition: Roadmap & Advisory Services - 2 days

Deliverable: Our team will assist in helping you deploy a new data estate in your azure subscription, which includes an azure synapse workspace, azure data lake, and an azure key vault. In the data lake we will establishing zones to help with data governance and organization of the data estate. The zones include a landing zone, sandbox and meta store, consolidation hub, and a lakehouse. We will take some of your existing data and build a pipeline to move that data into the landing zone of the data lake and then we will enhance the data and push it into the consolidation hub and build out basic reporting on top of Power BI.