Prepare for Microsoft Copilot with Purview

Covenant Technology Partners

1-Day workshop to understand and prepare for Microsoft Copilot with Purview

Secure Data with Purview (Microsoft Security Copilot Prep): AI powered apps deliver valuable insights and increase productivity; however, they also potentially expose a significant amount of new data regarding your activities and content. This module conducts educational & discovery sessions as well as how to protect data exposure to Microsoft Copilot with Microsoft Purview.

Topics that will be included: • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Administrative portals: o Admin Portal • Licensing Considerations & Practices • Understanding Copilot's data access privileges • Discover privacy and regulatory risks. • Identify regulatory/industry compliance standards.

Deliverables: • Data Risk Check - During the Data Risk Check we seek to surface hidden privacy and regulatory risks related to existing data within the client’s organization. Data Risk Check leverages Microsoft 365 tools and services in an automated process that will discover data that is stored in the Microsoft 365 Tenant and analyze it for artifacts that may impose a privacy and regulatory risk to the organization. • Analysis and Reports - Comprehensive reports of data that may be exposed by Copilot.

Assumptions: This module is delivered as total 8 hours of interactive sessions* These are conducted in 4, 2-hour sessions, guided by presentation material and live interaction with the client tenant. Q&A is welcome. All sessions are to be recorded. Presentation material is provided at the conclusion of the module. While recommendations may be made, no changes are to be executed in the context of the module.

Target audience: Clients who are considering a Copilot deployment though are unsure of the security risks that may be presented. CIO, Security, Compliance, HR, and Finance