Azure Cloud: 2-Wk Assessment + Migration

C-ven Technologies

Migrate your virtual machines and databases to the cloud with intelligent business tools hand in hand with a certified technical team with extensive cloud expertise


• Smart Tool Diagnostics • Compatibility and mobility review On-premises database to Azure DB Diagnostics and recommendation of storage procedures Service provisioning and initial configuration of Azure components Database or Server Migration • Testing of functionalities, access, resource consumption and security • Carbon footprint impact analysis with migration from physical environment to cloud (optional)


• Our solution provides the technical components of cloud migration with intelligent business tools combined with a team of advanced technical expertise • Time, cost, and risk reduction approach to migration with an experienced execution path Cloud management training, for optimal transition and experience

DELIVERABLES: • Alignment Session Remediation Report • Initial landing zone according to migration strategy Provisioning Azure resources based on the plan Migration documentation and technical report


• Databases must function correctly Source Compatibility: Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server Target compatibility: SQL IaaS, PaaS • Maximum database size to migrate up to 50 GB • Estimates may vary according to survey and particularities of the requirement • Price: 299 US$ per Virtual Machine (VM)