Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Red River Technology LLC

Red River, a Microsoft AVD Advanced Specialization partner, will perform an AVD 2 Week PoC to demonstrate how AVD can transform remote access for your users.

Trying to determine if Azure Virtual Desktop will provide the right experience for your user base? Azure Virtual Desktop delivers Windows 10 desktop on any device from any location creating an easily scalable and reliable remote or hybrid work environment. In addition, AVD provides best-in-class security features and functions including conditional access, audit log, multi-factor authentication and more. Through AVD, your organization can ensure that your work pipeline remains secure regardless of where your employees are.

Red River, a Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization partner, will stand up AVD in your environment, for up to five users, during a two-week Proof of Concept. Red River will provision an Azure subscription associated with the customer's existing Active Directory tenant, or provision Azure Active Directory if one does not exist. This will allow your users to use their Microsoft applications (Office, Teams, etc) in the AVD environment to determine if this is the right end user experience you are looking to provide in terms of look and feel and performance. At any time during the two-week period this offer can be expanded to Red River's full pilot offering, establishing network connectivity to existing resources and customizing AVD image templates allowing you to use more of your applications in the AVD environment. Azure consumption charges during the PoC will be the responsibility of the customer.