Mix Reality Experience on Azure : 4 Week POC

Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited

Cyber Infrastructure, CIS, is a Top Application Development company offering Azure based software development and migration services with 1000+ team size in USA, India, UK and Africa offices.

In this POC we will provide you Mix Reality Experience using HoloLens. This proof of concept MR Application will provide risk-free industrial training to workers/employees/trainees. Through artificial intelligence, these holograms respond to commands and interact with real-world surfaces in real time for a more natural and intuitive experience.

This 4 Week proof of concept will help you to get more details about MR based risk-free industrial training service.


  • MR Service using Azure Cloud DB.
  • Create an application using a 3D model or video clips of your machine up to 5 stage of training.
  • Error counting while training of workers.
  • Mix Reality Environment help while training of users.


  • Hololens application using Unity C# Development.
  • Training POC modification as per client requirement.
  • Web Admin portal access to check worker's performance.
  • UI Designing and 3D Modeling implementation as per client requirement.