Mix Reality Experience on Azure : 4 Week POC

Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited

Cyber Infrastructure, CIS, is a Top Application Development company offering Azure based software development and migration services with 1000+ team size in USA, India, UK and Africa offices.

This application will provide you Mix Reality Experience using Azure Spatial Anchors or Remote Rendering Mixed Reality Services which will work with Microsoft Hololens VR Device, This proof of concept MR Application will provide risk-free industrial training to workers/employees/trainees. Through artificial intelligence, these holograms respond to commands and interact with real-world surfaces in real time for a more natural and intuitive experience.

This 4 Week proof of concept will help you to get more details about MR based risk-free industrial training service.


  • MR Service using Azure Cloud DB.
  • Implementation of Azure Spatial Anchors or Remote Rendering Mixed Reality Service (as per project requirement).
  • Create an application using a 3D model or video clips of your machine up to 5 stage of training.
  • Error counting while training of workers.
  • Mix Reality Environment help while training of users.


  • Hololens VR application using Azure MR Service and Unity C# Development.
  • Training POC modification as per client requirement.
  • Web Admin portal access to check worker's performance.
  • UI Designing and 3D Modeling implementation as per client requirement.