SAP to Azure Migration Consulting 1-Day Assessment

Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited

In this 1-Day assessment we will help you understand, benefits and challenges of SAP migration to Azure, will capture all requirements to create a migration strategy, and suitable execution plan.

This assessment, will help you to build a POC for migrating your on-premise SAP implementation to Microsoft Azure platform.


SAP Migration Readiness Assessment

  • Thorough study of your existing SAP implementation
  • Evaluation of your SAP systems
  • Evaluation of readiness for the migration to Azure
  • Calculating compute resources for SAP workloads
  • Calculating Storage and IO performance needs
  • Calculating network bandwidth and hybrid needs
  • Evaluating OS, SAP Apps and DB versions
  • Evaluating Backup policies
  • Evaluating uptime and resource monitoring requirements
  • Detailing Migration plan and recommendations
  • A report of assessment results will be produced


  • System Architecture
  • Microsoft Azure cost calculations
  • Migration plan
  • Training needs identification