Azure Security Roadmap, 4 Wk Assessment

CyberCX Pty Ltd

CyberCX’s four week Azure Security Roadmap provides customers with a consolidated view of all Microsoft Security entitlements across the Azure. This includes Microsoft 365 platform aligned to Azure.

CyberCX's four (4) week Azure Security Assessment and Roadmap engagements helps customers understand their existing security posture, and audit those services against defined Microsoft best-practice to ensure maximum return on investment. This can assist in taking advantage of features yet to be utilised, understanding desired Cyber Security target state and remaining vigilant against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

CyberCX as a highly-regarded Microsoft partner follow a proven five-step process to help customers get the most out of their Microsoft Azure based security solutions;

Discovery - perform a comprehensive discovery of existing Microsoft Azure security entitlements, and overview of complimentary 3rd party solutions for complete analysis

Assess - all information including solutions in use and associated capabilities/licensing costs are analysed, to form the basic skeleton of the roadmap in order to deliver maximum business value

Consolidation - the Microsoft Azure security stack provides a comprehensive suite of opportunities and services which allow customers to consolidate vendors. These opportunities will be communicated within the roadmap

Cost - eliminate unnecessary costs and overheads by reviewing all existing and potential service usage aligning to business needs and best practice

Roadmap - CyberCX will finalise a Microsoft Azure security adoption roadmap based on all collated outputs and subject matter expertise - Now, Next & Horizon consolidation and posture improvement recommendations