DD Real Time Desktop : 4 Weeks Implementation

Daoudata Corp.

Simple and Easy Remote Access Tool : RTD on Azure It is a consulting service that provides a security and high performance desktop environment at home using Azure infrastructure or on-premise

Simple and Easy Remote Access Tool : Real Time Desktop (RTD) Solution name : Real Time Desktop on Azure

This solution is for telecommuters due to the Covid-19 issue. "Realtime Desktop" is a consulting service that provides a working environment from home using [Microsoft Azure] computing infrastructure or on-premise computing infrastructure.

A telecommuter connects to the company's Workstation (BIM, CAD, etc.) through a secure channel network (ex.Azure VPN Gateway AES-256) and log-in with Multi-Factor authentication to ensure security policy (eg. [1] clipboard prevention, [2] watermark, [3] copy & paste Prevention, [4] screen capture prevention) and use the company PC

RTD-Authentication Server and RTD-Gate Server are installed in Azure IaaS infrastructure, and each VM consists of Availability Set + Load balancer (or Application Gateway WAF) + Traffic manager + AAD.

Provides a very high performance remote desktop environment by supporting 60fps frame, Highest performance with self-developed protocol 50ms Real time Remote control


  1. Security : Documents cannot be taken out of the office by working from home In-house security policy can be applied to work from home as it is

  2. Convenience Managed by simple “agent” installation

  3. Economics Reduced introduction cost as existing PCs can be used as they are without the need to purchase additional software and hardware Available as a perpetual license

  4. Easy to manage Easy local user and policy control by providing “manager portal” for administrators Security watermark, screen capture prevention, forgery and alteration impossible function can be set

[Service schedule] Week 1: Analysis of customer needs and environment Week 2: Analyzing security requirements and planning service scenarios Week 3: Configure RTD telecommuting on Azure infrastructure and PoC (function/performance test) Week 4: PoC result review and service open + Azure monitoring